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A Brief History

lms_logo_thumb"Give it up! Your book will never be published," I was told. Even when all the doors had been slammed and pad-locked in my face, I talked to God about it. God said, [I am] "...opening doors no one can lock... I've opened a door before you that no one can slam shut" (Revelation 3:7b-8a Msg).

In 1992 the camera ready lay-out for our first book, A New Slave Song was literarily cut and pasted on my dining-room table. We sold two thousand copies. We remembered the promise from God, "...Behold I have put before you an open door which no one can shut..." (Rev. 3:8 NAS). In 1994, the company's logo of a lock with a key in it was designed and registered. The world's largest publisher of Christian Bibles,Thomas Nelson (Word Press) opened their doors desiring a contract with LMS. After negotiations, the second book He Calls Me By The Thunder, a revision of A New Slave Song was published.

Many asked, "how did you get two books published in two years? In the same breath a second question followed, "will you teach me?" The answers to these questions developed into a self-publishing workshop. Another opened door of opportunity to encourage unpublished authors and to witness of God's goodness. We taught the workshop in the local community center. Soon the workshop became an Adult Continuing Education course on the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus. LMS wanted an easy to understand, step by step workbook to give to each student. Rewrites and draftings of the workshop materials birthed a third book, You Can Do It Too! LMS taught from the "school of hard knocks", experience. Because of the grueling time requirements of teaching and the available, affordable desk-top publishing programs, we no longer present the workshops.

Women's Retreats, Mother/Daughter Luncheons, Christian Women Connections and other speaking engagements prompted requests by those who attended for her to make a cassette or CD of her talk.

A professionally produced tape and CD filled with humor from her childhood along with her quest for real, lasting happiness is entitled Real Happiness Is Within Reach. Trust God. Don't give up. When all the doors are slammed in your face and locked, remember that God has the key!

A word of encouragement: As authors our literary value is not dependent on whether a major publisher will decide to write a contract to publish our manuscript.

Now look at God, a fourth book Everyday Soaring Since My Emancipation is waiting for you to enjoy.